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Big DIABLO fat burner

Fat blockers

DIABLO fat burner by BIG . Powerful and effective thermogenic that fights against localized fat. Its formula is a true time bomb for fat, it contains Capsimax that promotes weight loss, increases energy consumption, stimulates the digestion of carbohydrates and increases fat oxidation, allowing you to burn 12 times more calories at rest.

In addition, it contains Sinetrol® which is a new 100% natural patented extract and composed of citrus fruits and polyphenols capable of stimulating lipolysis (breaking down fat),

AstraGyn ™ which lowers blood glucose levels and increases the absorption levels of creatine, arginine, vitamins and amino acids, Bioperine® which is a powerful thermogenic capable of stimulating thermogenesis, and used more and more in the treatment and prevention of obesity. Also, African mango extract that increases the production of the hormone adiponectin, and insulin levels, which causes the body to use fat for energy.

Another of its star ingredients is the so-called InnoSlim TM effectively regulates glucose, fat cells and the metabolism of muscle cells that have positive effects in reducing the absorption of glucose, and in increasing the breakdown of blood cells. fat and muscle cell glycogen synthesis.

This exclusive combination of New Caff®, Astargin®, Bioperine®, Capsimax®, Sinetrol® and African mango extract, make this product one of the most effective thermogenics on the market.

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