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Body Natur CLEAN BEAUTY cera divina profesional wax

Hair removal wax

CLEAN BEAUTY professional divine wax wax from BODY NATURE. Wax for facial or body hair removal. Discover an effective and respectful hair removal with your skin and the environment.

* Body Natur hypoallergenic Divine Wax, formulated to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, without perfume or dye.

Formulated with natural resins and enriched with Bamboo and Spirulina, it is ideal for waxing the face and delicate areas. Easy to use, it is suitable for all types of hair, even very short, and provides salon results that last up to 4 weeks. It heats up quickly in the microwave, melts at a low temperature to avoid risk of burns and does not need bands to use.

Get a perfect finish with hypoallergenic post-depilatory wipes, which clean and hydrate the skin.
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Skin type
All skin types
• Hypoallergenic

• Sensitive skin

• With bamboo and spirulina

• No coloring or perfume

• 100% ingredients of natural origin

• Vegan

• Plastic-free formula

• Recycled case

• Biodegradable bands.
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How to apply the wax: The skin must be clean and dry, without irritations or traces of other products: creams, oils, etc. Hair must be at least 2/3 mm long. ALWAYS CHECK THE TEMPERATURE OF THE WAX before each application. Always do a little test on the inside of the wrist to make sure it is not too hot. If it is still very hot, wait until it warms up. The wax is ready when it reaches the consistency of honey. Take the wax with the spatula and spread it over the area to be waxed in the direction of hair growth, forming a thin and uniform layer of about 2mm. wax with thicker ends to be able to get a good grip on the band when removing it. When using this product on sensitive areas such as armpits or groin, do not wax the same area more than twice during the same waxing session to avoid skin irritation.

English: if the hair measures more than 5 mm. cut it out. Wax a small area at a time.

Underarms: Underarm hair grows in two directions, so waxing should be done in two parts.

If the wax cools down during epilation and is not applied properly, carry out subsequent additional heating.

How to remove the wax: Let the wax strip dry for a few seconds until you check that it does not adhere to the touch, tighten the skin with one hand and with the other, grasp the fold of the wax strip and remove it with a quick and energetic pull against the grain and parallel to the skin. To soothe the skin, squeeze with your hand or apply a cold compress to the depilated area immediately after pulling. If it is pulled too slowly or perpendicular to the skin, it may break the hair or cause minor irritation.

How to clean up wax residue: For a perfect finish, apply a 5-in-1 post-wax wipe to remove wax residue, soothe, hydrate, brighten skin and slow hair growth. Never remove the remains of wax with water, soap or alcohol. If necessary, remove them with a cotton pad soaked in oil.
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Never heat the jar covered, with the wooden spatula or any instrument inside it.

How to heat the wax: Constantly monitor the wax at the time of heating.

Place the jar in the microwave on one side of the plate and heat it according to the heating times indicated in the table. DO NOT place the jar in the center of the microwave. Always select the “heat” function of your microwave, never “defrost” or “cook”. Heating times must be as precise as possible to avoid possible incidents. If your microwave power is less than 800W, the heating time should be longer. We recommend doing small warm-ups so that the heating is not excessive.

The amount of wax that remains after each use will decrease, so the heating time will also be less and less. After the end of the heating time, it is very important to respect the rest time in the microwave, to achieve a correct diffusion of the heat throughout the wax. Never let the wax boil. If this is the case or if the jar cannot be handled with bare hands because it is too hot, or the wax is liquid or has bubbles, do not touch the jar and let it cool so that the temperature inside the microwave drops for at least minus 20 minutes, as it will have overheated. When the temperature is adequate to handle it, remove the jar from the microwave without tilting it, in a vertical position, using the two tabs that the jar has to hold it. The ideal consistency of the wax should be the closest thing to honey. If the wax is not completely melted, it will not have been able to homogenize and, therefore, an additional heating should never be carried out for more than 10 seconds until the ideal texture is achieved. The wax may have a liquid part and a compact solid lump. The mixture of both textures will achieve the ideal state of the wax for hair removal. CAUTION: Make this mixture with the greatest caution to avoid possible splashes. Observe the surface of the wax and if, after heating and resting, it is still hard, NEVER pierce this surface, as the hot wax inside would jump up with the danger of burning. Insert the wooden spatula to the bottom of the jar and slowly stir the wax from the bottom up, taking care that the wax does not fall out of the jar. Do not shake the jar.
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