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Natruly GRANOLA ORGÁNICA #cacao & coco


ORGANIC GRANOLA #cacao & coconut by Natural Athlete . Natural gluten-free granola made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, baked at low temperatures to maintain all its nutrients. Its formula is suitable for celiacs, vegans and paleo diets.

Cocoa granola is a mixture of seeds and nuts combined with the delicious flavor of coconut, raisins, coconut sugar, and a pinch of pink salt to enhance its incredible flavor. Our nut granola is grain-free, gluten-free, and without artificial additives.

It contains small ingredients with great properties, such as:

- Almonds: healthy fats and fiber.

- Sesame seeds: they contain sesamin, sesamolin and other substances that regulate cholesterol and prevent hypertension.

- Hazelnuts : Good fats that help protect heart health.

- Pumpkin seeds : contains L-tryptophan, a compound that improves mood.

- Sunflower seeds : contains potassium and magnesium that improve physical performance naturally.

- Cashews : source of vitamin B1, an antioxidant that helps prevent depression and stress.

- Quinoa infada : Pseudo-ceeal of low glycemic index, rich in proteins and fiber.

- Cocoa : rich in polyphenols, antioxidants capable of comforting our mood.

- Raisins: iron, manganese and copper.

Its formula is a shot of natural energy, a pump of nutrients. It favors the intestinal transit.

Natruly - GRANOLA ORGÁNICA #cacao & coco - Reviews

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