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Postquam CRIOGEL cold effect

Cellulite cream & treatments

PostQuam CRIOGEL Cold Effect is a triple action body treatment: anti-cellulite, firming and relaxing.

It is a light and refreshing gel that acts on the main problems of the female body: first, it acts on the cellulite, smoothing and toning the skin of the affected areas; then, it favors the stimulation of cell renewal to exercise its power over firmness; and finally, thanks to its "cold effect", it relaxes and soothes heavy or tired legs.

Its fast-absorbing texture also moisturizes the skin, so in just one step the dermis will have the benefits to look healthy and smooth
Its main active ingredients are:

· Guaranine, with keratolytic action on fat nodules.

· Extracts of green tea, red vine, ginkgo biloba and gotu kola, which have firming effects and stretch marks.

· Ivy extract, regulates circulation.

· Fucus extract, with a high percentage of iodine and alcohol.

· Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus, causing the ice effect.
These indications must be followed in order to enhance the effects of any anti-cellulite and/or firming treatment: - The effectiveness of the product is higher if it is applied after having a shower. - Exfoliate the area to be treated with a horsehair glove using circular movements to smooth the skin texture. - When massaging the affected area with the product, these movements must be ascending, thus the circulation will be activated and the product will penetrate more effectively. - Food must be taken after and a constant routine of exercise must be done, being consistent with the application of the product.
Apply to the affected area and lightly massage until completely absorbed and wrap in osmotic paper. To increase the effect use it daily.

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