Real Techniques 3 POCKET expert organizer

Makeup accessories

3 POCKET expert organizer from Real Techniques , a triple adhesive organizer for makeup accessories.

Have all your essentials on hand thanks to this organizer. It is a combination of three pockets in one piece, made of safe silicone with Miracle Cling ™ technology that allows it to easily adhere to enameled and / or smooth surfaces without the need for glues, suction cups or any other method that damages your dressing table. It adheres to smooth, clean and dry surfaces firmly and can be easily removed, cleaned and re-bonded. (Does not adhere to wood, stone, unglazed tile, joints or cracks)

It can be easily cleaned and its silicone prevents the proliferation of bacteria. It is of great capacity and allows to make the combinations that are needed to organize all the makeup accessories: brushes, pencils, sponges, masks, lipsticks ... (This text has been translated automatically.)
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