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Redenhair HAIR REGENERATOR cepillo led infrarrojo

Electric hair brush

REDENHAIR CAPILLARY REGENERATING BRUSH . A brush-shaped device designed to slow hair loss and stimulate the development of hair follicles for healthy and strong hair growth.

This next-generation wireless device is designed for people affected by hair loss. It can be used comfortably at home to dramatically reduce, and even stop, hair loss while simultaneously stimulating healthy and strong hair growth.

Its system uses infrared (LED) together with microvibrations that massage the scalp while dosing the right amount of treatment contained in the same brush towards the follicles. It is recommended to be used together with the HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM FORTE treatment, thus, thanks to the combination of its concentrated active ingredients, the revitalization of the hair is assured, blood circulation is improved and the follicles develop properly, accelerating the metabolism in order to obtain a complete hair regeneration.


It has two rows of rods with steel cannulas that diffuse the regenerating liquid contained in the brush towards the roots of the hair. In addition, its combination of infrared with microvibration massage, allows an application of the right dose of treatment while stimulating the follicle for accelerated growth.

Beauty devices
  • Wireless with charging base.
  • 12 ml liquid treatment tank
  • Infrared mode selector / power button
  • On / off button for vibration
  • 600-800 rpm gentle microvibration.
  • Infrared LED
  • Dosing of the lotion through the dosing tines

Pre-fill the device reservoir with 12 ml of liquid treatment. It is recommended to use Redenhair's HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM FORTE treatment preferably. Press the ON button to turn on the vibration. Once turned on, the micro-vibration massage will begin together with the dosage of the liquid. If you want to use the two functions simultaneously, press the infrared button to turn on the LED lights and illuminate the scalp. Comb from the forehead to the nape of the neck in gentle movements over the entire scalp.

After each use it is important to clean the comb thoroughly to avoid leaving traces of dirt and hair that come off when combing.

This brush is recommended for problems of alopecia of different causes such as seborrheic, aerata, physical or chemical, and for people affected by postpartum hair loss, menopausal, health problems, blood clots, hair follicles and damaged roots.

The results and effects obtained for these cases using the complete treatment are as follows:

  • Seborrheic alopecia: reduction of itchy scalp, reduction of fat that clogs the follicles and less hair loss.
  • Alopecia aerata: significant reduction of localized inflammation that allows the hair to grow back in these areas.
  • Alopecia due to physical causes: provides the necessary nutrients for the follicles to remain in the anagen phase (growth phase).
  • Alopecia due to chemical causes: strengthens the hair root to anchor it and combat the damage received.
  • Postpartum / menopausal loss: inhibits the enzymes that catalyze the formation of DHT, which causes uncontrolled hair loss in these stages.


  • Do not use the brush while taking a bath, near bathtubs, showers, sinks or other containers that contain water.
  • Do not use in people who use electrical devices in some parts of their body (such as pacemakers).
  • Do not use in people who carry out electrotherapies.
  • Do not use in people with metal, plastic or silicone gel implants in the body.

It is a wireless device and is easily charged with a dock connected to a USB port.

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