Shiseido ADVANCED ESSENTIAL ENERGY body replenishing cream

Body firming

Shiseido Advanced Essential Energy REPLENISHING BODY CREAM that moisturizes and promotes circulation.

This body cream directly attacks flabbiness, dryness and poor circulation thanks to the unique combination of oriental botany and aromacological science.

It has been created to improve the natural renewal cycle of the skin, thus recovering its vitality and elasticity.

Its benefits are multiple:

· 24h moisture effect.

· Firming effect.

· It equalizes the skin tone and texture by combating cellulite.

· It defines the contour and prevents fluid retention.

· It protects from oxidative aging.

· It softens the skin texture.

It has been developed with the Japanese essence Kuroho and a delicate jasmine fragrance, which helps to enhance its benefits through aromacology.

It is perfect as a daily moisturizing for areas that need it most.
Developed with the delicate Japanese scent “KUROHŌ” and an elegant Cherry Blossom fragrance. Yuzu seed extract helps boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production.
For a smooth skin, hydrate and exfoliate the skin once a week.
Use after cleansing the body. Warm cream in the palm of the hand and inhale 2-3 times. before applying to the body. Use upward lifting movements to aid circulation.

Shiseido - ADVANCED ESSENTIAL ENERGY body replenishing cream - Reviews

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