Beter BROCHA MAQUILLAJE kabuki plana pelo sintético

Makeup brushes

Beter Kabuki Flat Synthetic Brush is a soft synthetic hair brush specifically created to apply fluid makeup.

Its soft bristles help to apply it in a precise and homogeneous way without excess product

providing an authentic feeling of comfort. It has a great manageability that allows to spread the makeup on the complexion easily, quickly and effectively. Its tip made with synthetic hair does not absorb the product, but adapts easily to the face contours.
This brush is made with synthetic hair.

All the matterials have gone through quality and safety controls.
Tips to keep makeup brushes correctly:

- Wash your brushes once every two weeks with neutral soap and water.

- Place them on a towel outdoors until they are completely dry.

- Protect bristles to prevent their falling, curling or weakening with special cases for brushes.

- Remember to always remove excess powder before applying it on the face for a natural finish.

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