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Chanel LE CRAYON lèvres


Chanel LE CRAYON Lèvres is a lip liner with a creamy mine that offers a precise stroke and a semi-matte finish.

It defines the lip contour to create a larger volume and add fleshy to our smile. After delineation, the subsequent lip application will be easier and more durable.

The result is a careful makeup: contours are hydrated and free of tightness or small roughness due to its moisturizing formula.

It includes a brush that allows to blur the stroke and a pencil sharpener.
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Main components:

· Cotton seeds and jojoba seed oil derivatives, that facilitate sliding and provide a full coverage.

· Vitamin E derivative, a rich antioxidant that protects against free radicals.
Tips for a precise and long-lasting application:

- Moisturize the skin with a base lip. It should be perfectly clean and dry to facilitate the application of the product.

- Choose the lipstick. If you are going to use a dark or intense lip, choose a liner similar to that color. If you are looking for a natural finish and your lip is clear or nude, choose a liner similar to the tone of your lips.

- Start from the center to the corners using short and quick strokes.

- To reduce the lip volume, apply the pencil following the line of the lips from the inside. To give volume, follow their line from the outside.

- If you are looking for a natural finish, softens the corners with soft touches and smooth the edges.

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