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Mac MATTE lipstick


MATTE Lipstick by MAC. The brand's iconic lipstick reinvents itself with an ultra-matte, creamy and plump finish.

Perfectly hydrated lips with a matte finish has never been so easy. MAC offers us this creamy lipstick with vibrant ultra pigmented colours, and a completely matte finish for a long-lasting smile.

Its pleasant texture does not dry out lips and prevents stretch marks, maintaining an unalterable colour and an supple skin throughout its duration.

It glides smoothly onto lips, with an easy application which allows us to achieve professional results and a perfectly defined smile in just a few seconds.
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Lipsticks can often become the focal point of our makeup and are even an major complement to our attire, so here are some tips to apply lipstick correctly for an impeccable smile:

- Before applying lipstick, prepare the area, cleaning and toning it with specific products.

- Once clean, apply a lip base so the skin is smooth and uniform, to make the application of the lipstick easier.

- It's time for the lip liner! To define the outline of the lips, draw a thin line, as with this product, you can create optical effects to give lips greater or lesser fullness.

- Now it's time! Choose the lipstick you like and apply it evenly over the skin of the lips within the counter left by the lipliner. Start at the center of the mouth and apply it outwards. For greater precision, use a lip brush.

- Finally, use a dry tissue to blot the lips and remove any excess product. The easiest way is to kiss the tissue, this way the lipstick lasts longer.

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