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Skintsugi OXYGENATING DETOX BALM bálsamo detox oxigenante

Face moisturizer - Antioxidant treatment cream

OXIGENATING DETOX BALM oxygenating detox balm from Skintsugi .

Oxygen and energy against stress and pollution .

De-stress balm. Provides oxygen and energy to fatigued skins and detoxifies them against the effects of pollution and pollution. With a light and watery gel texture, it melts quickly into the skin and works so that the traits of fatigue and stress disappear every morning.

Protects against external stressors, reverses the effects of free radicals on the skin, oxygenates active skin cells and provides vitality, increases cellular energy levels and increases hydration and natural luminosity.


• Strengthens, protects and hydrates the skin barrier.

• Helps to enhance the rest of the skin.

• Effect of 8 hours of restorative sleep.

• De-stresses the skin through its oxygenating action.

• Active anti-pollution ingredients.
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Between 36 and 50 years old / More than 50 years old
Skin type
All skin types
Among its active components we can find:

• 3-Ceramide Complex. Strengthening the skin barrier. Triple complex of ceramides essential to repair and strengthen the skin barrier.

• Hydra O2 complex with purified water from Jeju Island (South Korea).

• Anti-pollution complex.

• Micro detox seaweed from Jeju Island (South Korea):

• Green microalgae.

• Red microalgae.

• Brown microalgae.
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• Just before going to bed, apply a thin layer of the balm to clean, dry skin.

• Massage lightly to facilitate absorption.

• Leave it to act overnight without applying another subsequent treatment.

• Cleanse the skin in the morning on a regular basis.
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This facial balm is indicated as a detox treatment. It is recommended to use it on a daily basis every night.
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