Shiseido ADVANCED ESSENTIAL ENERGY body firming cream

Body firming

Shiseido FIRMING BODY CREAM is a toner and purifyings cream.

This body treatment provides moisture and nutrition to the skin so that it looks healthy and radiant. It has firmings properties that favor the definition of the silhouette, outlining the curves and smoothing the possible roughness.

Thanks to its exclusive formulation, its ingredients favor blood flow, which prevents the accumulation of localized fat and fluid retention.

After including this cream in the daily beauty routine, the skin will look silky, juicy, firm and totally revitalized.
Its main ingredient is Citrus Unshui bark, which supports skin’s inner moisture-generating power.

Formulated with skincare technology with exclusive aromachology to promote healthy-looking skin.
It is recommended for women from 35 onwards, all skin types.

Combine it with other Shiseido body treatments for optimal results.
Apply each morning and evening over the body with a soft massage until completely absorbed.

Shiseido - ADVANCED ESSENTIAL ENERGY body firming cream - Reviews

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